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Marketing Isn't Scary! Accounting Is!

One of the most frequent things that we hear from accountants when they join us in Athens, Ga for training is “I don’t know anything about marketing.” What rings true, no matter what profession you are in, is that you know what you know and you don’t know what you don’t know. Seems simple right? Right! Except every single person that I have ever met seems to feel embarrassed about what they don’t know!

Relax! Each one of us relies on professionals in the field. I expect my doctor to know medicine, my dentist to know teeth and my auto mechanic to know cars. My accountant does my taxes and guess what…I have been in marketing for 25 years so I encourage my clients to rely on me for professional marketing advice. What is unique about Succentrix Business Advisors is that we provide our accountants with a marketing platform with which to launch their business from and then we provide ongoing support throughout the lifetime of their business.

It is true that each territory has their own unique niche needs and certainly, every accountant has varying levels of comfort in networking and communicating. It really is no different than a personal trainer working with an individual on their fitness routine or an artist teaching their student to paint. When you sign up for the program, you have a trusted professional at your disposal to guide you and to encourage you as you learn your new craft or skill. Why is this worth talking about? Because talking about it takes the fear out of it!

Knowing that you are a part of a business family is one reason that a person buys a franchise. There is something to be said about knowing that the path is already carved to success. You don’t have to go into the business arena and figure out every detail because the investigating has been done for you. Additionally, there is comfort in knowing that there is advice and support just a phone call away. Being alone in the wilderness is great if you are on a camping trip…not so much when your livelihood depends on it!

So…you are an accountant. You know how to do accounting and how to prepare a tax return and you even can do a business analysis by looking at market trends and numbers. Excellent! Now…how do you find clients? Do you hang a sign up and hope folks find you? Do you shake hands at your regions CPA meetings and hope your peers send you some leads? How do you grow your business into a profitable accounting business? Good question! Succentrix Business Advisors has excellent answers!

Become a Succentrix Business Advisor for all the right reasons. Do it so that you can be the master of your own schedule and your own decision making. Do it so that you can enjoy the profession that you are good at, educated for and experienced in. A good accountant is as necessary to the small business owner as air is for us all to breath. You are necessary and needed…this is a helping profession. Let us help you in the areas where your skills are not yet honed. Let’s create a marketing platform together that sets you up to succeed!

Confession…I can’t do math and you know what? That’s ok because I have surrounded myself with people who can. I also can’t fly a plane or do electrical work or understand quantum physics, but I know how to get to the airport to ride on a plane and how to call an electrician to help me in my home and how to hire a tutor to help my son with his homework. That is how the world works best if you let it. Know what you are good at and do it. Know what you are not good at and find someone who is! You be an accountant and I’ll help you with marketing your business and together we will lead fulfilled, accomplished satisfying career lives!

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