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Tax season! Tax season! Tax season!

Everyone is scrambling to find their tax return documents and to locate their W2’s and to organize their papers for their tax return. Every year it is the same routine. Some people like to attempt to do their own taxes and some people wait until the last minute to file and end up at a pop up box store on the corner.

I am not sure why anyone without experience as an accounting or tax professional would attempt to do their own taxes. I find it fascinating that some folks try to download software and fill in forms online for a process that is so vital to their fiscal health. I certainly wouldn’t download a form and fill it out and submit it to the IRS if it had anything to do with my physical health.

I acknowledge that some people have more knowledge than me about deductions and exemptions and line items. Ok most everyone has more expertise than me in these areas, but think about it…an error in any one of these columns could cost you money! Why save money clipping coupons or monitor your thermostat to save on utility bills or bargain shop with retailer “bonus bucks” and on sale racks and then misplace money on your tax return? WHY?

It just makes good sense to use an accountant or tax professional. Whether you are an entrepreneur or an independent business owner or simply an individual with the keen idea that your tax return is out of your realm of understanding, you should work with a professional that you can trust. Do not hand your sensitive documents over the counter to an underqualified staff person. An individual paid to pump out “cookie cutter” tax returns does not have your best interest at heart.

This tax season, please get help from a Succentrix Business Advisor. Not only are these independent business owners just like you…in the business of doing work that they love, but they are also likeable, professional and experts in their field! Each advisor is passionate about helping people! GET THIS = they are accounting and tax professionals that are PASSIONATE ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE! I don’t know about you, but I can really get my head around THAT concept. Knowing that the most critical documentation that I will sign my name to and be held accountable for is being handled for me by someone that I trust = PRICELESS!

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